What goes up must be popped

Coming to a VR Arcade near you! Pop balloons on your way to the top of the leaderboard! Challenge your friends to Helium, from The Molecule.

Floating in a surreal landscape of clouds high in the stratosphere, your mission is to pop as many balloons as you can with your helium-collecting unicorn sword, the Helical Foil. In the classic arcade modes, you have to pop enough balloons to advance to the next level, and each new round brings more balloons and a harder challenge. Get far enough and you’ll earn your place on the leaderboard. Or try marathon mode and see if you can withstand a continuous onslaught of balloons! Just don’t pop the red trick balloons. They’re evil.

Check back soon for the full trailer!

Companion Multiplayer

Most VR experiences are lonely, with a single player in a headset cut off from the world around them. But what if you and your friends could play together all in one space? Helium’s phone-based multiplayer changes the game! While one friend plays in the headset, everyone else can use their mobile devices to connect to the game and help or hinder the VR player. By beating one of the many movement-based mini-games, that player wins a spell to affect the VR player’s game, such as creating a whirlwind or increasing the size of the balloons.

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